Sebby is not an ice cube

oh god everything about your blog makes me laugh so hard i love you

thank you :3 you’re too kind

I'm imagining Sebs looking at this blog and his reaction and i'm laughing so hard omg

I would like to think it would be something like this:

But it would probably be more like:

Your tumblr is the best, omfg

awwww thank you <3

This blog is brilliant! Man,it doesn't fail to make me laugh! I love it! :) thank you! *hugs* P.s. New Sebby lover :D

oh my gosh thank you :D
welcome to the madness

Can I have two Sebbies in House of Cards and True Detective??thxxxxxxxxxxxx sooooo much, luv u~~~~

absolutely :D
and super sorry for the delay

Queen Sebby

Queen Sebby

Maybe sebby in frozen as queen sebby(queen Elsa)...

absolutely :D

Rainbows and sparkles

Maybe fab Sebby on a rainbow with a lot of sparkles or something like that :D

oh my wow that is just so fabulous :D YES

Hey! I'm looking for some Sebastian/Bucky/The winter soldier fan fiction. Can you help me, please? It can be spanish or english. Really good ones, I'll be so grateful with you!

I would really love to help you but unfortunately I don’t actually read much fan fiction. Maybe someone with exquisite taste in Sebby fan fiction could comment and help you out :3

i swear to god your blog is so entertaining i have to force myself away from this because then i would reblog like every single thing here

oh my gosh thank you so much :D

shock horror

Throwing up Sebbys

Throwing up Sebbys