Throwing up Sebbys

Throwing up Sebbys



Look on the bright side: Sebby has come to rescue you

Hey, I'd just love to say this is hands down the best blog on tumblr. These gifs make me laugh so hard!! <3

thank you :D I’m glad it makes you laugh

This is my favourite blog on tumblr, oh my god. This is the best thing I've ever seen :D thank you for making these, they made me laugh so much

awwww :3 thank you so much

In Life of Brian or Holy Grail? pls

I shall attempt both :D

My little Sebby

Your blog is amazing! I love it- so hilarious. <3 Do you think you can do My Little Pony Seb edition? Thanks!

awww thank you :3 I shall try

do a backflip

do a backflip

Can you do sebby as a great white or dolphin jumping in or out of the water? Please

what a fabulous and random request :D absolutely

can you do sebby in the lion king scene where simba is being held up?

The Winter soldier

Bonus bionic nose:

Sebby’s joining the family

Sebastian in Full House

Okay :D